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  Il regolamento  
  1. On their arrival, the campers will have to deposit the documents in the Camping Reception for recording operations. For day of stay is intended as full day or fractions thereof regardless of the time of arrival until 11.00 of the next day for camping, and by 10.00 per bungalow or caravan motor-home RV, by which time it is also expected the departure from the campsite. Passed this time the guest is obliged to pay the next day's stay .
  2. It is not allowed the entry of guests without the consent of the campers. Such consent prior admission is subject to the lodging of a document and the payment of the fare. Guests must leave the camp no later than 23:00 hours.
  3. The camping management invites the utmost respect for the plants. In particular, it is not possible to dig channels around the tents and install fences of any kind.
  4. Please deposit the waste in the containers in plastic bags if possible.
  5. From 23.00 to 7.00 am you are invited to respect the rest of others. It is not allowed the use of radio and television sets. At other times of the day such equipment will be used without being caused nuisance to neighbors . Any changes to the above will be notified by posting notice at the Camping Management
  6. Entrance of dogs is not allowed without the consent of the Management. Such prior consent , admission is conditional upon the payment of a fee. In addition, dogs must be kept on a leash and must not disturb the peace of others . The owners are obliged to take care of their hygiene, to accompany them out for their needs that must be removed immediately with bag and paddle, in compliance with all health and hygiene standards required by law. Dog owners are also responsible for any damage caused by their animals to things and / or people. In the bungalows are not allowed.
  7. Campers are asked not to circulate scantily clad.
  8. Campers will need to install curtains or park caravans in the places assigned to them by the management. Please do not leave items on the cars and caravans that can be easily removed . The Management shall not be liable. If requested , the Reception will keep these objects.
  9. It is not allowed for campers to enter with a car without the consent of the Management. Such prior approval, you must move at a crawl and the vehicles can not be parked in free campsites.
  10. Campers are required to use the toilets and sinks according to their destinations. Please accompany children when they have to make use of the services.
  11. The electric hook-ups should be performed only by service personnel , and the consumption max is 3 A.t.
  12. It is strictly forbidden to light fires. In any case, the stove must not be lit in places under the plants.
  13. Any findings of items must be reported to management and deposited there for the return to its rightful owner.
  14. Campers are required to keep the things they own. The Management is not responsible in any way in the event of theft.
  15. The Management is not liable for damage caused by falling trees or branches or weather conditions.
  16. The respect of these rules and standards will allow campers to spend the holidays peacefully. Any violation will be forced, although in a sad way, to invite those defaulting to leave the campsite.
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